Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Single Movement Of Misunderstanding

A Single Movement Of Misunderstanding 

           Is More Poisonous, Which Makes Us Forget 

The Hundred Lovable Moments 
       Spent Together Within a MINUTE.

Never Explain Your Self To Any One

Never Explain Your Self To Any One


The Person Who Likes U Does Not Need It.


The Person Who dislikes U, Won't Believe it.

Before I Die,

Before I Die,
            I Wish To Donate My Blood To HER

So That At least My Blood Could Enter Her HEART

           Where ' I ' Could Not.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

A Wonderful Person Only One

Fingers 10

Planets 9

Corners 8

Wonders 7

Senses 6

Oceans 5

Options 4

Seasons 3

Eyes 2

A Wonderful Person Only One That Is 'YOU'

Once In Life's Journey We Became Frineds

Time Might Lead Me 

                       Somewhere Away From You And

Fate May Wipe Me From Your Memory

                      But I Will Always Be THANKFUL That

Once In Life Journey We Became FRIENDS!

Saturday, 16 May 2015

7 Colours Make A Rainbow

7 Colours Make A Rainbow

                7 Swaras Make A Music

7 Days Make A Week

                7 Continents Make A World &

7 Beautiful LETTERS Make "FRIENDS" Like YOU.

Friend Is A Hope, When Life Is Low

Friend Is A Hope

                        When Life Is Low,

Friend Is A Place 

                        When No Where To Go,

Friend Is Honest

                       When It Is True,

Friend Is Precious

                       When It Is YOU