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The Top 13 Rejected TV Cowboy Names

The Top 13 Rejected TV Cowboy Names

Apr 02

13. Petticoat Marv

12. Heidi Ho: Frontier Flatbacker

11. Diarrhea Dan – The Fastest Shot In The West

10. “Tin Man” Starr: U.S. Marshall and his sidekick, Clint N. Stain

9. “Three-Legged” Dirk

8. Three-Fingered, make that “Two-Fingered”, well, wait a minute now…. ah, hell — The Leprosy Kid

7. Nurturing Smith and His Trusty Sidekick, Cherish

6. Gene-DMC, the Rappin’ Cowboy

5. Richard Van Deibel, Cowboy Massage Therapist

4. Ole’ Dirty Cowpoke

3. Bat Masturbationson

2. Cowboy Spice

1. “Pedophile Bob” and His Singin’ Pocket ‘O Jerky

[ This list copyright 1998 by Chris White ]

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